5.0 stars | 12 reviews
5.0 stars | 12 reviews
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About Our Local Insurance Experts

Here at Golden Minds Insurance Group, understanding every aspect of a full line of insurance policies for our clients is our mission. We know that insurance policies are not commodities whose value can be judged solely on price because they are legally binding contracts with countless variables that can drastically alter the outcome of a devastating loss. We can’t measure the value of a transaction if we do not understand what we are getting in return. Therefore, we focus instead on educating our people and showing them how to make smart decisions about risk and insurance. We believe that the long-term results of doing business this way will benefit just about everyone: lower average premiums, more claims covered to value, a broad selection of willing insurers for the client, fewer resource-draining service and claims issues for the agency/insurers, and hopefully, a safer community for all. 

Personal Assistance Every Step of the Way

Our talented agents speak the language, understand the industry, and are specialized in offering personalized insurance plans. When you work one-on-one with one of our agents, you’ll get a trusted advocate who prioritizes your needs and wishes. You’ll never have to feel left alone in finding proper insurance for your unique needs or when making a claim. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from the initial needs analysis and selecting coverages to filing claims and securing necessary details in claims settlements.
We’re proud to provide reliable policies and effective communication for our Chinese and Korean clients.

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